B2B Sales Hustle

Separate the tyre kickers from the cheque writers

After spending so much time and resources in generating a steady flow of leads, it’s soul destroying to see them just drift off into the sunset, without even saying goodbye.

You need a well oiled sales conversion machine otherwise all your efforts are in vain and your growth will grind to a halt.

You need to put up a fight.

You need to follow up new contacts.

And follow them up again.

And again if necessary.

If you don’t have the ‘hustle’ inhouse, we can help you out.

Specifically, here is what we can do:

  • Research every lead
  • Evaluate their business - is the juice worth the squeeze?
  • Linkedin research of contacts and relevant stakeholders
  • Initial lead qualification on CRM
  • Lead status updated
  • Multiple phone call follow up 
  • Sequenced email follow up
  • All activity captured and visible on Hubspot CRM
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