Account Manager - Dublin

By Ian Blake on 04 September 2019 08:48:47 BST

Squaredot is a B2B digital marketing agency and we’re on the lookout for an Account Manager to be the glue between our clients and our agency.

A little about us

We help our clients generate leads with digital campaigns that tell their stories. The content we create comes in all shapes and sizes; from websites, videos, blogs, ebooks, surveys, podcasts, social media campaigns, PPC etc…you get the picture.

A little about you

You have the energy to keep up and the ability to wear lots of different hats. You have digital marketing qualifications and a couple of years experience under your belt. You’ll be excited at the opportunity to join and influence a young and ambitious agency, with a growing client list. 

You’ll be comfortable with daily client calls and project management, and have the gumption to roll your sleeves up and pitch in where you can help. If you’re also really into a particular area (e.g. SEO, PPC, Marketing Automation Tools) then you’ll jump to the top of the queue.

Consider the following responsibilities to be the T&Cs of the ideal candidate. If you come close to ticking all the boxes, then get in touch. Nobody’s perfect.

  • Schedule and manage inbound marketing tactics and activities. If you know your way around Hubspot, that’s a great start.
  • Project manage all campaign activities on Wrike. (It’s easy to grasp for the uninitiated.)
  • Brief in whoever needs to be briefed on whatever needs to be briefed.
  • Get stuff done. Important stuff like project deliverables. 
  • Build a rapport with our clients. Be our eyes and ears at client meetings. Mostly our ears. Take in everything and document it. But don’t leave your tongue at home either. Pitch in your thoughts.
  • Analyse stuff. Campaigns always need tweaking, so keep on top of the reports 

(SEO, PPC, content performance, website visits, conversions etc).

  • Speaking of which you’ll need to compile these reports in the first place.
  • Be proactive. Teach us something.
  • Get on with us. Humour works.
  • Contribute to Squaredot’s brand (including on our social channels).
  • Stay curious. This digital world evolves quickly. 
  • Be accountable for our clients’ happiness.
  • Basically, keep track that everything is on track (on time and on budget).

If it’s off, raise the alarm bells (BYO bell).

Essential Qualities

  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal mandatory- interpretative dance optional)
  • Proficient in English. You’ll spot typos before their there they’re sent to the client
  • Great attitude, no job is too big or too small
  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • Project management superstar
  • Clockwork time management skills
  • Collaborative nature and a passion to improve
  • Strong organisational skills and digital background/knowledge

To apply for this job, just send an email to with CV and cover letter.