Arkphire website case study

By Sean Sharkey on 20 December 2019 10:54:30 GMT

Over the past decade Arkphire has grown aggressively from a 20m business 5 years ago to a 126million business today and their clients include Facebook, Google, wework, Dropbox, Hubspot, Wrike, and Asana.

Adhering to their ethos of continuous evolution, they wanted to rebrand their identity and launch a new website.


Their old website didn’t support the business visually or commercially. It didn’t resonate with their target customers. It didn’t portray the company as a modern, successful partner of some of the world’s most progressive and innovative companies. The user experience was cumbersome with confusing categorisation of services, duplicated content and long & unclear user journeys throughout the site. There was no marketing content beyond company promotion and leads coming from the site weren’t properly tracked.

We needed to design and develop a fully bespoke new website on Hubspot that would:

  • Fix everything highlighted above
  • Resonate with the target personas and visually stand out
  • Define and present Arkphire’s complex offering in an intuitive, clear and user friendly way, presenting site visitors with the right information at the right time
  • Make use of the latest web design and development best practice and trends for a seamless and intuitive UX
  • Facilitate customer engagement and generate marketing leads
  • Provide in-depth site analytics and lead tracking
  • Create a unique tone of voice that could tackle technical topics in a clear and engaging voice


To help us define the scope and the technical, content and design requirements we began our research. Through in-depth persona and industry research and a series of fact-finding discovery workshops, we built up an in depth understanding of:

  • Company vision 
  • Target personas and their use of suppliers’ websites in Arkphire’s industry, to inform every UX and UI decision
  • Arkphire brand values
  • Competition
  • Industry trends
  • Business marketing requirements
  • New website business objectives


During the process of wireframing and designing the website, we built working prototypes using Invision prototyping tool, enabling user testing and client reviews throughout the process.

Over 20 fully bespoke responsive HTML templates were built to integrate with Hubspot. All templates are perfect HTML representation of the bespoke design and render perfectly on all different devices.

All website content is fully editable by the client in Hubspot. All back-end was devised and set up in a way that allows the client to easily manage, edit and update all content while making sure the designed UI and UX are preserved and protected. 

Design rationale

In an industry that sometimes lacks strong visual identities, dominated by template driven landing pages and stock imagery, we wanted to stand out with aspirational and original brand imagery and an intuitive UX. The brand guidelines outline a bold coloured style, bespoke and arresting visuals, which followed through into a suite of bespoke design elements and animations. 

Concept: One brand; two perspectives.

Our strategic planning identified Arkphire’s business, at a high level, as split into two very distinct lines of business - IT Procurement and IT Services. The audiences for each were very different.

1. IT Procurement

Targeting big American companies expanding into Europe, we wanted to communicate how Arkphire will help you evolve your potential by sourcing and deploying the latest workplace technology in your new European offices, at scale, speed and with ease. Our visual concept was to portray American landmarks, symbols or icons in a European context to project international success.

  1. 2. IT Services

Targeting local Irish based companies, we wanted to illustrate how IT is becoming increasingly complicated and that data is now the currency of modern business. With the volume exponentially growing all the time, data now fuels the modern Irish economy. Our concept drove home the message that in this digital first era, Arkphire will harness and manage that energy for you. 

While there were commonalities on both sides of the business in the visual themes (cityscapes, landmarks, landscapes and nature in general) the look and feel of each has its own individuality. The website challenge was to create a neutral environment where both lines of business could co-exist, even with their very different executional styles.


User experience

Using animations on the logo and scroll activated graphics, we brought life to every design element. Using UX & UI best practice and the latest trends, we created a website that is visually rewarding, and most importantly, makes sense. Using progressive disclosure techniques we defined the steps of the various journeys through the site, strengthening the case for conversion at every step.

Consumer engagement

We built a fully responsive site that maintains seamless functionality across all devices. The website was designed and built in line with the latest best practice guidance in terms of accessibility and user-focused design. With progressive disclosure of content, we ensure engagement is maximised for visitors who wish to learn more and more about any specific service, all the time encouraging conversions.

Content Creativity

With no marketing content on the old website we had a blank slate to work. We populated the site with case studies and original, well researched articles, ebooks, whiteboard videos and infographics. All content started with an in-depth study of target personas, the relevant pain points they seek solutions to, trends in the industry and SEO findings.

As part of the rebrand, we created a new brand guideline book. This defined the tone of all communications. With over 30 pages of technical IT messaging to convey, we sought to balance the need for clarity with substance, all within the parameters of a comprehensive SEO blueprint.

Visually we had two very distinct styles for each line of business (outlined above in the concept section) which needed to live together on the website, under the new primary brand colour palette. The content CTAs on the Procurement and Services ‘overview’ pages pop out from the overall design aesthetic as vibrant and alluring, to draw the eye and encourage click throughs and downloads.


  • The responsive website is built fully on Hubspot, integrating with Salesforce and various SEO, social media and analytics platforms and reporting tools
  • All leads are tracked with content support through the funnel
  • More persuasive online presence with progressive disclosure highlighting increasingly persuasive thought leadership details and strong supportive content like case studies and award recognition
  • Original and immersive website aesthetics and content collating all the latest news and advice for all target audiences on both sides of the business

“After experiencing significant growth over the last decade, and with a strong focus on growing our brand globally, a company rebrand was essential. This would also reflect our ethos of continuous evolution. A new website was a core component of the rebrand. We needed to create a modern website packed full of valuable content that would resonate with our key target audiences, the new website needed to be an engaging and intuitive user experience to make a very impactful &  lasting first impression. Squaredot delivered this and more and while we have just launched the new site, we are already receiving incredible feedback from our customers and the industry in general but also key in all of this is the fact that we are generating significant interest amongst our prospects.” Aisling Bolger, Head of Marketing at Arkphire

Check out Arkphire's new website here.