International Graphic Design Grand Prize Winner: Squaredot and PSI Mobile [2018 Hubspot Impact Awards]

By Ian Blake on 24 April 2019 10:15:00 BST

We’re delighted to picked up our second 2018 Hubspot Impact Award Grand Prize, this time in the International Graphic Design category (the second time we’ve won this award) for our animation work with PSI Mobile

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PSI Mobile provide a SaaS platform that simplify and digitally transform processes and workflows for the Government, Public Sector and Utilities and Telecommunication industries. Their modules can be configured for many functions like market services, contract sales, telesales, territory and route management and many more.


The overall problem for such a wide ranging and broad solution was the difficulty in communicating clearly what they do.

A video animation was required to summarise succinctly and clearly their overall brand offering.

We aimed for a warmer, more approachable and aspirational tone, rather than a more traditional ‘corporate’ message.

With digital transformation an overarching theme and PSI facilitating a smart city revolution by empowering business with real time data transfer in the office and to outside field based teams, the overall brand message became one of facilitating ‘connections.’

The animation we created highlighted how the office place of today is not just bricks and mortar buildings, it could be out and about, on the road, in the field...anywhere and everywhere.

We’re very proud of the result. Watch the video below -



The client was proud too. Here are the words of David Costello, PSI CEO - "The video has given a personality and warmth to our brand that helps differentiates our offering from the majority of corporate videos out there. We operate in a complicated B2B world, so this type of video explainer will help us stand out for new website visitors."


“HubSpot is proud to call Squaredot a partner. They have been recognized for their innovative and strategic inbound approach to help their clients grow better.”

Katie Ng-Mak, VP Global Partner Strategy and Operations at HubSpot, Inc.

“The HubSpot Agency Partner Impact Awards represent the best inbound work globally, across five core categories. We would like to congratulate Squaredot on achieving the Graphic Design award for their region amongst their competition.”

David Carberry, Creative Designer at HubSpot, Inc.