Hubspot Impact Awards Application for Graphic Design - Silverfin Branding

By Sean Sharkey on 31 July 2017 15:46:27 BST

Silverfin is an award winning digital platform for accounting firms and CFOs.

From the dashboard, accountants can access client data at source, integrate all major accounting software packages and generate realtime reports.

All of which drives efficiency, eliminates human error and facilitates more insightful business consultancy advice.

They recently featured on CB Insights global top 250 Fintech companies transforming financial services.

They approached us in late 2016 to rebrand their visual identity, starting with a new logo, design and build a new website on the Hubspot COS and generate ongoing content to help them break into the UK market.


The rebrand started with the logo 

In keeping with Silverfin’s ambitions of a modern, contemporary, digitally native and transformative tech company, we designed a logo that is fresh, bright, contemporary and modern, helping to communicate ‘connection’ and ‘integration’ in a simplified manner.

The overall shape is representative of a Venn Diagram to mimic Silverfin’s digital platform which sits at the intersection between accountancy firms, their clients and global software partners. The disk like forms represent digital data transfer and the overall shape is also reminiscent of a padlock, indicating confidence, security and robustness.





The Concept










Blue is a traditional colour associated with the world of finance. We used overlapped blues to introduce a secondary colour palette for a modern, vibrant twist on conservative blue. The range of colours as a result ensure that the brand works across light and dark backgrounds.












The contemporary sans serif Museo Sans typeface has qualities of friendliness whilst still being clear, concise, confident and modern.

The brand name 'silverfin' in lowercase is clear and friendly. A brand with understated confidence does not need to shout from the rafters in ALL CAPS. 







The Silverfin website is built on Hubspot COS in three different languages and is fully responsive on mobile and tablet. The Venn Diagram overlapped curves as used extensively throughout the designs and influence both the illustrations and photography. The interlinking chain positions Silverfin as the central cog. The fluid curved lines flow with dynamism and movement across all marketing collateral from watermarks on printed materials to illustrations and photography on the website, advertising content, and all other communications.









We sought a natural lighting ‘bokeh’ visual effect in the photography of Silverfin's employees and their contemporary office space. These soft focus overlapping circular lighting lens flares in the background complement the overall flowing curves on the website.











Ongoing Content

All ongoing content benefits from this contemporary and unique branding, with the strong visual cues of connection and integration in the digital world consistent throughout.