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Marketing automation heaven 

Hubspot is our marketing automation platform of choice. It’s the engine upon which we build our campaigns, websites, landing pages and so on. We fuel this engine with our content. The platform itself is a digital marketing behemoth that we’ve tamed and trained. We tool up on all its features and manage the portal on behalf of our clients.

We obsess over the details and the analytics, fine tuning the content and promotion in real time.

Indeed in two short years we have progressed to become a Gold Tier Certified Hubspot Partner Dublin Agency.

While many claim to be a thoroughbred Hubspot Agency (Dublin alone has a few agencies who stretch the truth) we manage the platform extensively for all of our clients and keep our training and certifications up to date.

We choose Hubspot as our marketing automation software for lots of reasons (and not just because their European HQ is just down the road!).

Some of the Hubspot features we love:

  • Website data analytics & reporting
  • Integration with social media, blog and email.
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media management
  • Lead management
  • Email workflows
  • Marketing automation
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing channel analytics
  • CTA reporting
  • Full-funnel analytics
  • HubSpot CRM management
  • Multiple third party integrations
18 Upper Stephen St
Dublin 8, Ireland
+353 1 5242731
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