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Irish B2B Marketing Survey 2020

Download the Irish B2B digital marketing 2020 survey and discover how your tools, tactics, plans and strategies compare to your peers. We also delve deep into the #1 priority identified by the survey - building your brand - and share startling insights from recent groundbreaking B2B research commissioned by LinkedIn. Don’t plan the year ahead until you read this report!


the art of b2b brand building

Origina are the world’s leading, third party, IBM software support specialists. They have an amazing business model with many unique and strong USPs. Most of all they offer the market a choice. Our challenge was to disrupt the market, take on IBM, get Origina’s brand values heard, introduce more personality into the brand and do it all on a limited budget.

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planet satelite

the engineering of lead generation

In collaboration with Travelport Digital we produced a highly targeted Travel Trends 2019 interactive campaign hub stacked full of high value multimedia content, from thought leadership articles, influencer outreach opinions, videos, ebooks, infographics and webinars. For a relatively small total addressable market the results were astronomical. 

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The People

Multinational, multicultural and multilingual, we’re specialists in B2B branding, design, planning, creative, content and lead generation. Our senior management team have years of experience on both sides of the agency/client fence and we operate a partner model with a network of experienced subject matter experts. We love B2B Tech.

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